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Artificial Intelligence is a much-discussed topic and many companies and governments are already carefully taking the first steps towards becoming a data-driven organization. Do you want to do something with AI within your company, but at the same time you have no idea what exactly or do you sometimes wonder what the added value of AI can be for your company? In the webcasts you will learn how AI is integrated in organizations and governments. Enjoy watching!

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    The world of robotics, online supermarkets and digital assistants

  • Webcast

    With Zeta Alpha, Wizenoze, Moonshop, Kepler Vision technologies and AI myths

  • Webcast

    Municipality of Amsterdam, Pandora intelligence, The NS and AI myths

    Can a government organization be a frontrunner in the AI transformation?

  • Webcast

    Lessons about AI in manufacturing are shared table

    Lessons about AI in manufacturing are shared table harnesses the power of AI to revitalize the past

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