Innovative AI solutions for a healthier future

Designed for hospitals and ICU teams, Oxaigen empowers medical staff with enhanced diagnostic capabilities and optimizes patient care globally, particularly in critical time-sensitive situations. Its AI platform enables informed decision-making in high-pressure ICU environments by processing complex patient data in real-time. Advanced algorithms extract and synthesize relevant information, presenting it in a user-friendly interface to gain valuable insights, reduce cognitive burden and facilitating swift, well-informed decision-making with trend analysis and personalized treatment suggestions.

What is the startup’s AI proposition?

Oxaigen B.V. is a health-tech start-up that uses AI to increase resilience and reduce strain in the healthcare sector. We do this by building a data-first infrastructure for hospitals and developing clinical decision support systems that utilize machine learning algorithms for real-time patient recommendations, with an emphasis on intensive care medicine and Reinforcement Learning.

Ali el Hassouni