Using AI to streamline the reality capturing process and automate decision making in various mobile mapping applications

Our mission is to empower the mobile mapping industry with our disruptive software & hardware solutions. Our aim is to create decisive GIS information out of imagery data that unlocks visionary insights faster and more decisive. Because we believe that georeferenced imagery is the best tool to improve (automated) decision-making in various reality capturing applications.

Our vision is to provide intelligent GIS information that gives you the power to perceive the present, reflect on the past, and foresee the future. By converting imagery data into actionable GIS information, we can help to achieve optimal results in imagery-based reality capture applications like monitoring, inspections and calculations.

Using AI in reality capturing can provide faster and more accurate data processing, enabling real-time decision-making and enhancing the overall efficiency and effectiveness of the mobile mapping process. It also allows for the extraction of valuable insights and patterns from large datasets, facilitating more informed business decisions.

So join us in our quest to disrupt reality capturing and empower the mobile mapping industry with decisive street level GIS information that unlocks visionary insights and drives automated decision-making.

Bas Beukers