The global AI for Good community provides Challenge based tested AI talent and education

We are the global AI for Good community, educating and applying AI for Good! We do this by finding organizations, from impact startups to large corporations, who have data and a problem they would like to see solved which contributes to the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals. We transform this into an AI for Good Challenge and crowdsource 50 of our over 4000 AI engineers from our global community to tackle the Challenge in a 10-week program. While executing these Challenges we build a personalized FruitPunch skill tree for each participant. We help our partners by providing accurate matching based on this skill information and train their employees to become effective AI Engineers. This way we solve the world’s dire lack of AI engineers and enhance them with a sustainable mindset.

What is the startup’s AI proposition?

Our platform provides automated recommendations of learning resources and Challenges to craft a personalized learning path for each member. On top of that, we use the insight about members’ skills to create automated matches on partners’ vacancies.

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Case studies

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    Global “AI for Good” community accelerates conservation efforts with powerful, AI-primed HP Z8 workstation