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Neural. love harnesses the power of AI to revitalize the past

What visuals come to mind when you hear AI and machine learning? Engineers cranking away in a lab, solving complicated sci-fi type problems?


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    Possibilities at the Edge

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    AI-Enabled Breakthrough Genomics

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    4-Step Action Plan To Equip Data Scientists For The Hybrid World

    No matter where data teams are working from, they require high-performance computing power. But the quick fixes that IT relied on in the early days of hybrid work—like VDI and VPNs—just aren’t robust enough to meet these users’ compute-intensive needs.

  • Article harnesses the power of AI to revitalize the past

    Neural networks running on the HP Z8 Workstation create more authentic connections with priceless bygone moments.

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    Unleasing the future of banking with AI

    The banking industry is undergoing a massive shift as companies work to improve the effectiveness of their operations.


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    The world of robotics, online supermarkets and digital assistants

    We are taking a deep dive into a startup that develops hyper-realistic digital mannequins for webshops

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    With Zeta Alpha, Wizenoze, Moonshop, Kepler Vision technologies and AI myths

    Natural Language Processing. Simply put: teaching computers to read and write.

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    Municipality of Amsterdam, Pandora intelligence, The NS and AI myths

    Can a government organization be a frontrunner in the AI transformation?